Services Provided

We create a personalized program of treatment that best addresses your individual issues and goals in the most efficient and supportive manner possible.

As a therapist, it is my belief that the Mind-Body-Spirit should always seen as one integrated whole. Our treatments are based on the philosophy.

A full range of traditional and alternative psychological and psychiatric services are offered, including:

Our psychotherapeutic and counseling services can help to:

  • Enhance Intimacy in Marriages and Relationships
  • Foster more Satisfying Relationships with Friends and Family
  • Address Troubling Addictions, e.g. Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Internet/Technology, and Sex
  • Reduce symptoms from Trauma, Abuse, Depression & Anxiety
  • Improve Performance at Home, Work, or School
  • Develop New and More Effective Parenting Strategies
  • Alleviate Phobias and Fears