For those seeking to make rapid progress in a short amount of time, Dr. Greenfield offers intensive programs in these two areas:

  • Technology Addiction Intensive Treatment

  • Marital and Relationship Boot Camp

Technology Addiction Intensive Treatment


Technology Abuse and Addiction i.e., Gaming, Porn, Social Media, Personal Device Apps.

A foremost leader in the treatment of Internet and technology addiction, Dr. Greenfield has created an Intensive 5-Day (4 hours per day) and 2-Day (10 hours per day) accelerated treatment program.  During the Intensive, each participant works an a one-to-one basis with Dr. Greenfield to address their compulsive/addictive Internet or Technology use problem.

The purpose of the program is to utilize cutting edge treatment protocols developed by Dr. Greenfield.

  • Assess/diagnose addictive behaviors
  • Identify patterns of use and abuse
  • Understand established triggers found in addictive pattern,
  • Develop an understanding of the psychoneurological patterns of addiction and sexual behavior and how work with the neurobiology of addiction to create change in these deeper patterns of behavior
  • Develop a relapse prevention plan
  • Address underlying and concomitant psychological and psychiatric issues that might be contributing to the addiction cycle
  • Address impacted social and family relationships
  • Create a real-time life plan to “Plug Back Into Life”

Particular attention is paid to the addiction cycle and the tendency to numb oneself along with feelings of shame, isolation, and guilt. We also examine other contributing variables including the neurophysiology of Internet and Technology addiction and how to use brain-behavior strategies to understand and control problematic Internet behavior.

Dr. Greenfield, with help of other therapeutic strategies, such as EMDR ® (click here for more information on EMDR) will help identify and desensitize urges and cravings for overuse and abuse, reduce over-dependence on the problematic technologies, and help heal underlying distress and anxieties that might be contributing to the Internet addiction pattern. Whether you’re having marital or relationship problems, your school performance is suffering, your job has worsened, or you have encountered legal or financial repercussions– this program may be for you.

The intensive program is designed with approximately 20 hours of personalized therapy and strategies to accomplish what months of traditional weekly treatment might otherwise accomplish. Follow-up, post-program sessions are available and recommended and may be done in person, by skype, or by telephone. The brief intensive nature allows you to get the help you need and return to your life with minimal disruption of your work, school, or family life.

The goal of our program is to provide palpable and effective focused strategies that are targeted to your Internet or Technology addiction problem. We often recommend close family involvement with parents, spouses’ or significant others, as we recognize the involvement and impact an addiction can have on one’s family and intimate relationships.

Utilizing techniques from Imago Therapy ® we help facilitate and repair communications between spouses or family members in an effective and efficient manner. The skills that will be learned during the intensive program will go on to serve the participants in managing both their Internet and technology addiction symptoms as well their overall happiness and psychological functioning. We also have the ability, with our technical staff, to set up effective blocks, filters, and monitoring systems to help control your problematic Internet use. The idea is to delay, however briefly, the ease of access and availability to problematic web behavior, such as pornography, excessive social media checking, and gaming.

5-day vs. 2-Day Program: The main difference between the two programs is the intensity. Some people prefer to spread it over 5 days while others may be able need to get through the process in 2 longer days. Both programs are essentially similar, and offer lunch breaks and frequent snack/bathroom breaks.

With both programs, the costs are determined by the amount of time spent with Dr. Greenfield and computed accordingly. Sometimes depending on the nature of the problem the 2-day program can be condensed to 8 hours a day which will reduce the over cost as well. Insurance documentation may be provided for you at your request for you to submit to your health insurance carrier although we cannot guarantee coverage.  After an initial consultation is done, and it is determined that the program is a good fit for you or your child, a program date could be selected and reserved. Upon reservation the fees for the program are due to hold your place. Further details regarding changes and cancellation policy will provided at a later date.

For further information on the program, including setting up an initial in-person or telephone consultation or to discuss costs, please contact Dr. Greenfield by phone at 860-561-8727 or email at

More information on this innovative program is available at our other web site:

Marital and Relationship Boot Camp

The concept of “boot camp” applied in psychotherapy might seem a bit intense. However, when we view relationships as the coming together of recruits with a similar goal and purpose, we can begin to understand what we mean.  Like recruits joining a mission they are passionate about, couples usually begin with the same gusto.  Great intentions, high hopes, attraction and desire fuel the recruit’s conviction to join this concept of togetherness. For a time, the new venture runs like a well oiled machine.  But relationships are not stagnant and the recruitment phase morphs as time goes on.  Children, careers, financial stressors, growth opportunities, can all lend to the recruits becoming disillusioned with each other, with the relationship.  And we are all too well aware of the divorce rate in this country.  Broken homes have far reaching affects on more than just the couple.

As we grow in partnership, we inevitably change.  Sometimes together, sometimes apart.  This is why partnerships and marriages need constant tending. They need training. Retraining. And sometimes, they require intervention.

Dr. David Greenfield’s ‘Marital and Relationship Boot Camp’ is an intensive and personalized 2 day session (approximately 16 hours or the equivalent of twenty weeks of 45 minute sessions) that addresses and teaches the keys to a successful and constantly healthy growing partnership.

Goals of Boot Camp:

  • Experience a renewed feeling of intimacy and connection in your marriage or relationship.
  • Achieve greater sexual intimacy and satisfaction.
  • Learn to become best friends and lovers.
  • Reclaim the passion we all long for and go beyond typical unconscious relationship patterns.
  • Create a new relationship that actualizes healthy conscious partnership.
  • Develop a whole new way of seeing your spouse or partner.
  • Discover your unconscious wounds that influence and limit your ability to connect and be intimate.
  • Learn to become a part of each other’s life and apart from one another with ease and comfort.
  • Develop exceptional communication skills that foster respect and compassion without giving up self.
  • Diminish co-dependent behavior and nurture interdependency
  • Enjoy growth and change

The Marital and Relationship Boot Camp treatment is based on Imago Relationship Therapy. Dr. Greenfield has been certified in IRT since 2001 and has successfully treated hundreds of couples using the techniques.  Check out what one couple had to say about their experience in Boot Camp.

Please contact our office at 860-561-8727 Ext.4 to determine if an IRT Boot Camp is the right choice for you.