Raising Generation D! What Parents Need to Know About Tween’s and Teen’s Digital Devices

Brand new DVD release from Dr. Greenfield, released June 2013!


In a time when sixty per cent of our 13 to 19-year-olds admit to being “highly addicted to their iPhones or IPads”, Dr David Greenfield introduces ‘Raising Generation D’, an interactive DVD lecture that addresses the unique and addictive properties and long-term effects of tech abuse. This highly informative DVD offers proven strategies for parents and caregivers to help manage their children’s digital devices.

A recent 2012 study shows that teenagers are ditching traditional activities in favor of online pursuits, with 23% foregoing TV and 15% dismissing books. Furthermore, research indicates that approximately one out of every eight Americans experiences signs of Internet addiction. Despite these alarming trends, only one per cent of university introductory psychology books mention Internet addiction. Nearly a decade ago, Dr. David Greenfield recognized this trend and began lecturing around the world on the impact of technology on individuals and society.

In ‘Raising Generation D’, Dr. Greenfield addresses what it is about the ‘online world’ that so completely captures teenage attention and discusses methods families can use to ‘unplug’ and create healthy habits within the real world. For more information, visit our sister site, virtual-addiction.com.