About Me

I believe that I am effective as a Psychologist because I combine several important qualities. First and foremost is my ability to instill hope and confidence in what I do. I have been practicing for 28 years and have gained a wealth of experience in that time, such that when a patient comes to see me I can, with great confidence, be comfortable in my ability to help. I will effectively communicate my firm belief that you can feel happier and find solutions to what brings you in to see me.

I am able to combine warmth and empathy with a very active and direct approach to help you get results and feel better. I will not simply passively listen and ask you questions. My job is to directly give you the feedback and skills you are looking for. Although I am very direct and confrontational, I do so with warmth and humor.

There is indeed hope. We can, with great regularity, change our lives, heal old wounds, and change old patterns of behavior that no longer suit us. In short, we can change our lives and I pride myself on my ability to facilitate that change. The nice thing about being a doctor with a lot of experience is that I have had the chance to develop my own thoughts and theories on what helps create change and I have been able to borrow from many theories and techniques and I have written books, articles and book chapters on my ideas and I teach Psychiatry at University of Connecticut, School of Medicine as well as lecture around the around the U.s. and around the world on my work.

I utilize a combination of traditional and cutting edge techniques combining psychotherapy, Neurophysiologic approaches like EMDR and Mindfulness, solution-focused therapy, and Imago Relationship Therapy to produce an effective and results-oriented approach.

The goal is to secure change in your life. Whether you are dealing with an alcohol problem, Internet/computer addiction, a marital or relationship issue, reducing past trauma/anxiety or you just want to get more joy or satisfaction form your life. My belief about healing is to help facilitate your inner ability to see and experience yourself differently and to help give you the tools to manifest those changes in yourself and in your life.

Licensure / Certification:

• Connecticut Licensed Psychologist (#001399)
• New York Licensed Psychologist (#009628)
• Connecticut Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#000558)
• Certificate of Proficiency in Addictions, APA College of Professional Psychology (#AD001519)
• National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (#40025)
• Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology (#3443)

Legal Services:

• Clinical Member, CATSO: Connecticut Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders

Contact and More Information:

• Dr. Greenfield may be contacted by e-mail at david@drdavidgreenfield.com or 860-561-8727 Ext. 4.

• You can download Dr. Greenfield’s complete resume here.

• Dr. Greenfield’s biography is available here.

See Dr. David Greenfield’s profile on the PSYCHOLOGY TODAY web site.