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Compassion blended with a direct, solution-focused approach with twenty-eight years of clinical experience....Holistic Orientation: dealing with mind, body, and spirit.

Offering quality care and cutting edge treatments in psychology, addictions, marital counseling, EMDR, and intensive out-patient programs to help you with a variety of life’s challenges.

Dr. Greenfield is rated the NUMBER 1 (out of 74) Psychologist in West Hartford, CT (RateMDs).

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Perhaps the most important step that you can take is towards personal growth. Developing greater access to your potential is done by defining your goals, facing your challenges, and accomplishing success. You have the ability within you to have the life you want.Learn More
You bring your personality into each and every one of your relationships.  Whether family, friends loved ones or colleagues, your relationships matter to the success of your goals.  To improve them, you have to gain insight into yourself first. Learn More
Your mood plays a major role in your life.  Anxiety, stress, mood fluctuations, anger, grief can impede your day in negative ways.  We will look at the cause of these moods and create a plan for balance and emotional health.Learn More
The potential for addictive, compulsive and/or impulsive behavior is inherent to the human condition.  Together we can minimize the circumstances that foster these behaviors and change the emotions and issues that move you towards these patterns and behaviors.Learn More


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Dr. David Greenfield is an internationally-recognized expert with tech & video game addiction.  He also blogs for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. If you are looking for this information, please visit Virtual-Addiction.com

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  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  • Licensed Psychologist – Doctor in Psychology (CT & NY)
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Board Certified in the Treatment of Addictions
  • Heiser Presidential Award for Professional Psychology Advocacy
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Practice of Psychology in Connecticut Award
  • Advanced post-doctoral training in clinical psychopharmacology

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